CEF Ontario

Snap Circuits Package


Bric Structures Kit

Combining LEGO and Snap Circuits you can build structures with their own electrical circuits.

Instead of just building a structure, now kids can learn how to build the circuit that makes the lights on a skyscraper illuminate or that makes the gears on a drawbridge move!

Kit includes:

  • 20 snap circuits component parts
  • 75 bric-2-snap adapters
  • Over 140 fully compatible building bricks full-color

Easy-to-read project manual appropriate for budding engineers ages 8+.

Separate Equipment Needed: Batteries may need to be replaced during the year.

Green Energy Kit

This building kit teaches the fundamentals of building electronic circuits and how they interact with various green energy technologies. Snap Circuits unique technology uses building blocks with snaps to build the different electrical circuits. 

Kids will have hours of fun creating over 125 different circuit projects and learning about alternative energy including wind, solar, water and other green energy sources with this STEM building set.

Green energy parts include:

  • Base grid
  • Snap and jumper wires
  • Battery
  • Solar cell
  • Liquid holder and electrodes
  • Meter
  • Motor
  • Wind fan
  • Water wheel
  • Geared motor and crank arm
  • Switches
  • LED’s
  • Capacitor
  • and all other parts

The color-coded and detailed instruction sheets provide step-by-step directions on each project, making learning both easy and fun. Ages 8 years and up

Set includes 1 box of each snap circuit

Difficulty 5 (advanced)