CEF Ontario

Picasso Tiles Race Car Track


The 150 pcs promotes problem solving skills, hand-eye coordination, logic training and fine motor skills. 

Features 40pc columns and 6 slopes to allow creation of multi-layer 3D tall buildings to go up and down at different levels.

Children can acquire strong sense of color, geometrical shapes including 3D forms and numbers counts, magnetic polarities, architectural design, structural engineering, fine motor skill to even periodic table elements (available in the other sets) at early age.

Featuring motorized cars to enable children to focus, pay attention, and utilize their imaginations to build the most versatile race track designs with the various shapes and pieces such as A) 2 way split B) 3 way split C) speed bumps D) 1/8 turns E) curves to create the structures required to keep the cars running in loops F) Street and traffic sign set is included to mimic the environment and maximize the pretend play fun when playing in teamwork group or independently

Difficulty 1 (Beginner)