CEF Ontario

Mindware KEVA Package


KEVA Structures

No glue or connectors required...simply stack wood planks to create buildings, monuments and geometric forms. It’s the ideal activity to help kids gain an understanding of balance and proportion, as well as an interest in architecture, building and design.

Equipment includes:  200 wooden planks & 24-page, full-color idea booklet with build-out instructions.

KEVA Contraptions

Learning that's right on track. Young thinkers can build unbelievable ball track structures with this simple stacking plank system. Create ramps, funnels, chutes and crazy contraptions like the ""Black Hole" or the "Bounce Plate". No glue, no connectors - just loads of constructive fun.

Equipment includes: 200 wooden planks, 2 KEVA balls and an idea book.

Difficulty 3 (Moderate)