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God's plan in Action: The Early Church PP CD


Introduce children to the exciting narratives found in the Acts of the apostles!

In God’s Plan in Action: The Early Church, Children will learn about God’s protection and provision in the days following Christ’s resurrection along with basic apologetics of why we believe Jesus rose from the dead.

They will learn about the Holy Spirit’s work in the lives of believers, how they can stand strong in the midst of persecution and more.

PDF’s of lesson text:

Lesson 1 - Jesus Is Alive! (Matt. 28; Luke 24; Acts 1:1-14)
Lesson 2 - The Helper Has Come! (Acts 2:1-41)
Lesson 3 - God's Church Is Persecuted (Acts 5:12-42)
Lesson 4 - Saul Trusts in Jesus as His Savior (Acts 8:3-4; 9:1-22)
Lesson 5 - Paul Trusts God's Strength (Acts 9:20-31)
Lesson 6 - Colorful Candy Party (Review lesson)

PowerPoint visuals to teach six lessons on God's Plan in Action.
PPT visuals include flashcard visuals, memory verses and words to suggested songs.
 and other helps.