CEF has a wide variety of resources to help you in your ministry to children. We have Bible lessons, missionary stories, song visuals, music and more. What sets CEF’s resources apart is that there is always an application for the saved and unsaved child.


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This five lesson series covers Cain and Abel, the prodigal son, Naaman, Peter and Samuel challenges kids to go God’s way instead of their own.

Children learn that faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior is God’s one way to be forgiven of sin and made right with Him. Peter’s release from prison and Samuel’s obedience to God teach kids to pray and listen to God through His word. 

Power Point visuals and PDF files for the One Way and I Dare series.
Includes visuals, texts, song visuals & sheet music for One Way, Stop, Go, and The 7MIT song, verse visuals, tokens, coloring sheets, Bible map, club organization tools, preschool lessons and components, and Spanish helps.