CEF has a wide variety of resources to help you in your ministry to children. We have Bible lessons, missionary stories, song visuals, music and more. What sets CEF’s resources apart is that there is always an application for the saved and unsaved child.

Wordless Book Wristbands

CEF Press

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Let children in your club or class share the message of salvation by wearing a Wordless Book wristband.

Each section of the brightly colored silicone wristband represents one part of the Gospel:

  • Heaven and God's love
  • The darkness of sin
  • The blood of Christ
  • A clean heart
  • Christian growth

Packs of 10  Youth size 3 inch diameter

Suggested tracts for kids to learn to share: How to Have a Special Friend (ESV) or The Wordless Book Bracelet tract (ESV)  50 per pack (purchased separately)