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God Cares When Children Are Sad

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Five-lesson series giving help and hope to children in difficult situations: 

  • God loves me--I can trust Him
  • God is in control--He cares for me
  • God is pure--He can make me pure!
  • God forgives--He wants me to forgive! 
  • God is powerful--He can change me

Lesson 1 - The Outcast God Loved (Jephthah) (Judges 11:1-29, 33: 12:7; Hebrews 11:32). 
Lesson 2 - The Stranger God Welcomed (Ruth) (Ruth 1-4)
Lesson 3 - The Boy God Kept Clean (Samuel)(1 Samuel 2:11-26; 3:1-21; 4:11) 
Lesson 4 - The Disciple Jesus Taught to Forgive (Peter) (Matthew 18:21-35) 
Lesson 5 - The Tax Collector God Changed (Matthew) (Luke 5:27-32)